“Contact front” is a phrase used by Marines when engaged by the enemy at 12 o’clock (which for you non-military type, means straight ahead).  I hope this blog allows me to have the opportunity to engage people on-line.  Plus, I think this is a good opportunity to have an electronic journal that is open to the world.  After all, now that I am sober, I have nothing to hide.  I hope you enjoy!

3 Responses to “Contact Front!”

  1. DEb Says:

    AWESOME VIDEO….is that YOU?????

    Kyle likes your blog too… that WILL BE him one day…..SOOOON!!!! 🙂

  2. Man,I need me a S.A.W.

  3. jodyduncan Says:

    No, this is not me. I did carry a SAW for two years. This is the shortest youtube film intitled “Contact Front.”

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