Roosevelt Room

Roosevelt Room

If anyone is curious why I got out of the Marine Corps, just watch some of the characters in the HBO series “Generation Kill.”  That dumbass Sgt Maj and the “self-righteous” Lt Col. is exactly what I experienced in Iraq.  Except our Sgt Maj was a black man that should have stayed a drill instructor his entire career and our Lt Col. was a decorated USMC Generals son.  In order for me to get some resentments off of my chest, I have decided to go all the way to the top and ask Donald “Duck” Rumsfield some questions.   To those who say, “why not President Bush,”I suggest you watch Oliver Stone’s movie “W,”  where I believe President Bush was accurately played out to be a scapegoat (Not stupid, just very naive).  We all have friends that are smart individuals, but extremely gullible.  That was my impression of our former president, when I met him (above).

So here we go Donny, boy:

1) Did you tell the President that we were invading a country in the desert in “Woodland Camo” MOP suits?

2) Did you make sure all of the grunts had proper night vision (batteries, too) and body armor?

3) Did you tell him that Marines would be driving on the front lines in Humvee’s with no doors, while the Air Force “chilled out” in the rear with vehicles that had armor installed and bullet proof glass?

4) Did you tell the him that if we let all the bad guys go, because we were unprepared logistically for 100,000 + prisoners of war, that there was a pretty good chance that they would come back and kill our buddies the next year?

5) Final question: Did you have a “f#%king” clue how to run this war?

Wait, wait!  I know this one: “No way!”  I read Tommy Franks book, and I believe he was irresponsible and way too busy trying to please his fellow Texan President.  YOU, sir, should have made sure all of these basic needs were met.  However, you did not!  Therefore, I hope Oliver North covers you on his “Military blunders” show someday, but until then, thanks for nothing.  This day (Memorial Day) is about remembrance and I wish I could waterboard you until you could remember all of the names of the men that died under your “failed” leadership.  Have a nice life!  By the way, when is your book, entitled “I Suck,” coming out?

The good 'ole days

The good 'ole days

 The above photo is from 2004.  In it are two of my best friends from the USMC: Griffin (left) and Sprunger (right).  April 4, 2003 was a day that we will never forget.  Sprunger surprised me by coming into Nashville this weekend(4/4/09)  from Pittsburgh, I might add.   We had both forgotten the anniversary of Erik Silva’s death until Griffin called and reminded us.

Leave him a message here :

I never want to forget the sacrifice the he and many other men have made for us (US citizens). 

Dear Silva, Rund, Smith, Morrow and Keilon. 

Thank you!

Semper Fi,


“Taking Chance” (HBO)

This is a great film that encaptures  exactly what happens to the remains of a fallen AMERICAN Warrior from the base in Germany to his hometown.  Kevin Bacon’s character (Lt. Col. Michael Strobl) volunteers to escort the body of a fallen Marine, LCpl. Chance Phelps, who happens to be from his hometown but is also a stranger to him.   It is an excellant movie for those who “get it.”   For those of you who don’t get it, I suggest you pick up a weapon and stand a post, either way I don’t give a damn what you think you are entitled to (sorry wrong movie).  Taking Chance is not about war, it’s about sacrifice, life and death.  Something we all experience.  I advise you to see it.  If you do not have HBO, I am sure it will come out on video soon.  Get a box of tissues ready, even you dudes.

Life is not like MONOPOLY.  If you bankrupt in life, you cannot fold up the table and play again next year.  Just as war is not like a video game (even though the best men I served with, fought like it was one, with NO FEAR).

Throughout this movie you will see a “community” of Americans stop to put their hands over their “chest” as the body of LCpl. Chance Phelps passes by them.    Thank you, America, for appreciating his sacrifice and to my Vietnam Veteran friends:  This is the respect that your fallen brothers should have received. 

Semper Fi, Chance.

I'm not a crook!

For those of you that don’t know me well, don’t get the wrong idea from my previous post: “I am NOT a racist.”  I have black friends and would have taken a bullet for any “dark green” Marine in my unit in Iraq.   Since, my man didn’t win the election, I am trying to stay positive with the outcome.  So, as I have posted before, it was time for a black president.  Now between Obama and Oprah, it should be “all good.”

Since yesterday was Halloween and I wanted you to see my scary outfit, I did not post a poem on Friday.  So, here it is:

No Saddam

Men holding hands and squatting to pee

Women walking alone carrying trees

Barefoot children in the same clothes I see

Maybe someday it will all make sense to me


Men in suits carrying briefcases

Women with uncovered faces

Children in shoes with laces

Everyone with smiles on their faces


Get some!

Get some!

Yesterday my grandmother ran across some letters I wrote to her from Kuwait.  One of them said, “we may not even go to war with Iraq.”  It made me wonder how life would be so different without this war.  I thought about all of the lives that would’ve been saved.   Then I woke up and remembered how much trouble Saddam gave us and the rest of the world and then I remembered all of the horrible things he did to his people.  I don’t know if it is the drug use since the sixties in America, but what happened to our long term memory.  The day we forget our past is the day we will be attacked again.  If our generation didn’t invade Iraq, then maybe my son Daniel would’ve had to go in there in 14 years and remove one of Saddam’s sons from power.  Wake up America!  99% of you who are against the war have never even been there.  There are 0 (zero) large rallies with troops who just got out protesting the war like in Vietnam.  These guys are the newest “greatest generation.’  Kiss my ass, Tom Brokaw.
A local Marine Cpl. J A Rist from White Bluff just lost his legs in Afghanistan.  Please pray for him!  God Bless America!

Here is a picture of me from about this time five years ago.  I dedicate my B-day and this blog to all those that are serving in harm’s way right now.  No matter what the sad, pathetic excuse we have for a media in this country tells you,  99.9% of them are serving because they love and are proud of this country.  They aren’t fighting for political or religious reasons.  Unfortunately, most of the Marines I served with were probably atheist, but they believed in something: the cost of freedom.  Don’t get me wrong, I had a great B-day today!   However, since 9/11 and coming home from Japan on the 8th of 2002 and Iraq on the 7th of 2003, it is always a surreal time for me.  Heck, I used to drink for a week, but by the grace of God, I don’t have to do that anymore.  Do me a favor readers: please pray for all of the troops that are in harm’s way over seas and all of the veterans suffering from addictions right here at home.  

Me no more

Me no more