Where’s the pot of gold, anyways?

My Pastor, Pete  http://withoutwax.tv/ , made a good point today at church.  He said that the reason “the church” has picked on homosexuality so much over the last many decades was because it was something that they (Christians) didn’t seem to struggle with.  Therefore, it was so easy to throw stones at the gay community.  I agree!   Thank God for people like Ted Haggard and all of the child molesting priests, because now the modern, judgmental church realizes that it’s not just “non-Christians” that struggle with homosexual lust. 

Rubel Shelly http://www.rubelshelly.com/ was the first person I ever heard say that we should invite alcoholics and homosexuals to church.  At that time, I was a practicing alcoholic, and boy did I practice, LOL.   Seriously, lets put this in the form of a joke or a game show question:  A homosexual, a young unmarried woman (who just had sex with her boyfriend that morning) and a husband who is having an affair all walk into a church.  Which one is going to Heaven?   (BUZZZ) “I know the answer, as long as they all accept Jesus Christ and repent of their lustful sin, all of them!”   (Ding, ding, ding!)  “You’re right, and what do we have behind door # 1 for our contestants?  That’s right, an all exclusive paid for (by Jesus Christ), life long vacation away from playing God.” 

I am ready for that vacation myself, because the reality is, “I am just a Christian who struggles with heterosexual lustful sin on a daily basis.”  I know that my permanent vacation will be in Heaven, but while I am here “at work” on earth, I will be damned if I give somebody else a hard time for screwing up on a job, after I just screwed up earlier that same day, but on a different project.