“Taking Chance” (HBO)

This is a great film that encaptures  exactly what happens to the remains of a fallen AMERICAN Warrior from the base in Germany to his hometown.  Kevin Bacon’s character (Lt. Col. Michael Strobl) volunteers to escort the body of a fallen Marine, LCpl. Chance Phelps, who happens to be from his hometown but is also a stranger to him.   It is an excellant movie for those who “get it.”   For those of you who don’t get it, I suggest you pick up a weapon and stand a post, either way I don’t give a damn what you think you are entitled to (sorry wrong movie).  Taking Chance is not about war, it’s about sacrifice, life and death.  Something we all experience.  I advise you to see it.  If you do not have HBO, I am sure it will come out on video soon.  Get a box of tissues ready, even you dudes.

Life is not like MONOPOLY.  If you bankrupt in life, you cannot fold up the table and play again next year.  Just as war is not like a video game (even though the best men I served with, fought like it was one, with NO FEAR).

Throughout this movie you will see a “community” of Americans stop to put their hands over their “chest” as the body of LCpl. Chance Phelps passes by them.    Thank you, America, for appreciating his sacrifice and to my Vietnam Veteran friends:  This is the respect that your fallen brothers should have received. 

Semper Fi, Chance.