James 5:16-Confess your sins to one another.  When did “one another” become “a dude in a robe? ‘

Our church is putting a strong emphasis on community groups this up coming year, as well as many other things.  Throughout my experiences AA is all about confession.  In my opinion, their groups are more honest and transparent than most Sunday School Adult classes.  Why is this?  I believe because everyone in an  AA meeting is obviously a publically admitted “sinner” and they are not afraid to wear that scarlet “AA” on their chest during those meetings.  There is nothing to hide!   The funny thing is that whether we want to talk about it at dinner parties or not, we are all wearing an “S” underneath our shirts, except the “S” stands for sinner.   The only difference is: I don’t think that God wants us to only strip down in a phone booth or a confession booth.  What say you?