My daughter and I were fortunate enough to come out of a car accident unharmed this evening.  A red truck with “spinners” swerved over into our lane on Sawyer Brown Rd and hit two cars in front of us.  I jerked into a ditch to avoid them while a friend of mine from NCS, Steve Bishop, barely hit me in the rear.  After making sure Ashlee was ok, I noticed that the truck had not stopped and then I heard a vehicle was still spinning out.  It was him trying to get away!  I grabbed my friend, Mr. G. Lock and we ran 500 ft past the three cars that were hit and caught this young, white “wanna be” gangster going through his truck while on the phone asking someone to come get him.  With Mr. Lock’s help, we held him there until the first responder arrived, who happened to be an officer who was the brother of an officer I know.  Sure enough, the driver had thrown some pills in the woods, he was drunk, he didn’t have a license and get this, it wasn’t even his truck.  Great!  At least everyone was ok. A special thanks to Jarred M. for taking care of my daughter and giving her a ride home.  More importantly, thank you Lord, for no one being injured.  Please help me pray for that lost soul that may have lost his own life if he had hurt my daughter tonight (“I don’t know how he ended up underneath his own vehicle, officer.  He must have been thrown from the vehicle,” LOL).  Seriously, maybe this will be his “rock bottom.”  I overheard him say he had a family, also.  Sometimes Grace is hard!