So Jody is away and you have me again, Stacie. Well I took Jody’s “Mini me”, Daniel, to Breeden’s Orchard on Saturday to pick apples.  We had a good time.  He rode in the wagon until we got deeper into the trees and he wanted out so the wolf wouldn’t get him.  I assured him there were no wolves hanging out by the apples but he insisted on walking beside me and holding my hand.  It was great, there we were getting into the thick of things but he didn’t want to pick any apples.  Well I went first and then off his little hand went into every tree.  I’m surprised there were any left.  Well, I wanted to buy a pumpkin on the way home.  Daniel was clearly tired and soon a nap was going to happen I could tell.  Standing up, falling down, in the car…who knows but soon.  We pay and leave and on the way home I say, how about we stop and get a pumpkin.  He starts to whimper and says he doesnt want a pumpkin he already has one.  I asked if we could stop just long enough for me to pick one out.. The response I get……….The whimper gets louder “No, I don’t want you to get sweaty like I did when we were picking apples, let’s go home.”  So off to sleep he went and pumpkinless I went.   I can’t wait to have another day with him to see what he comes up with next.