There is a movie with Sean Penn called “At Close Range” with an incredible scene after he gets shot where he washes the blood off with a hose.  I couldn’t help but think of that movie today as I washed the blood of two strangers off of my own hands with my hose.  On my way back from Dickson at about 12:45pm today I noticed a tractor trailer pulled over on the side of I-40.  After taking a second look, I realized he had stopped to help a flipped, wrecked car on the side of the road.  I stopped and rushed over to find two young women laid on the ground, one holding a baby.  Then I approached the car where two other women were stuck in the front seats of the car.  With my adrenaline rushing and noticing the car was still running and smoking, I reacted with the decisive action and strength that I have only heard people speak of in situations like this by running to my car and retrieving a hammer.  I felt like I was in combat, again.  After breaking the glass with my hammer and dragging the two women out of the window, I finally calmed down enough to realize that I was covered in blood.  As a “first responder” approached with a medical bag, I left because I was late taking my wife to the Doctor.  Just an ordinary day in the life of a “crazy” Samaritan.  Thanks be to the Grace of God that no one was seriously injured.  I also thank Him for this opportunity that I will never forget.