As I was listening to 88.7 The Way tonight, I was thinking about the progression of Christian music.  In the nineties I had to go to grunge bands, like Pearl Jam, to hear the lyrics that I could relate to in my life at the time.  Now kids have contemporary christian rock with some very “real life” lyrics.   And to think the Preachers of late told our parents that they were going to hell if they listened or danced to Elvis Presley.  It actually makes me think about the progression of church as a whole.  It’s still a shame that there are probably some “Hound Dog” Christians out there that are against “hard rock” christian music, even though these songs probably save teenage lives on a daily basis.  There’s no crying in Rock n’ Roll.  If you don’t like it, then turn the channel and put in an 8 track of “How Great Though Are.”  Which is a beautiful song, by the way.